TV Application Layer

TV Application Layer

Develop your TV app for multiple platforms



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For technical information:

  • Jamie Jellicoe
  • Lancaster University
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What it does

TAL was developed internally within the BBC as a way of vastly simplifying TV application development whilst increasing the reach of BBC TV applications such as iPlayer. Today all of the BBC's HTML-based TV applications (such as BBC News and BBC Sport) are built using TAL.

How it works

For a TV app developer, the bulk of the work can be done on a desktop browser. You do not need to worry about how the application would be rendered on different devices of varying capabilities. Instead, you can focus on building the features you want in your app using the handles provided in TAL. TAL also provides mapping between the buttons on your TV remote control to navigation through the application. If you are using TAL in a desktop browser, navigate using the arrow keys and the enter button. //(NB - for desktop demos of TAL, we recommend the Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) browsers - don't forget to navigate with arrow keys/enter, **not** via the mouse)//.

What you get

The implementation uses JavaScript templates and handles.

Delivery model

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