Second-Screen Framework

Second-Screen Framework

Create apps for smart TVs that communicate with mobile devices.



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  • Christoph Ziegler
  • Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik GmbH
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What it does

The Second Screen Framework (SSF) provides web applications that are running on a smart TV with all the crucial functionalities to establish a persistent bi-directional communication path to a web app running in the browser of mobile devices like tablet computers or smartphones running Android, iOS or other mobile operation systems. Moreover, the SSF provides the possibility to launch apps from a television on a second screen.

How it works

The SSF provides the following features to applications: Discovery, Connection, App-to-app communication, App launch. Communication between a TV application and its companion application on the second screen is handled by a web server. Discovery between the devices is accomplished by means of a QR code. Users need to execute the discovery process only once, since the connection is persistent. Moreover the same connection can be used in any service that uses the SSF.

What you get

The Second-Screen Framework is implemented as a web service. It's JavaScript-API abstracts the communication between clients (i.e. TVs and second-screen devices) and the web service. In order to make use of the API you need to link the respective JavaScript-Libraries to your code, cf. 'instances'.

Delivery model

  • SaaS

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