Reality Mixer - Reflection Mapping

Reality Mixer - Reflection Mapping

Create beyond state of the art seamless augmented reality rendering.


ETH Zurich, DFKI GmbH and Disney

Contact person(s)

For technical information:

  • Prof. Kenny Mitchell
  • The Walt Disney Company
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  • Stefan Lemme
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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For licensing information:

What it does

All visually-oriented SEs of the Reality Mixer group measure camera properties and adapt the virtual objects to fit to the camera image background visually. The Reflection Mapping SE utilizes a light probe to extract a sphere map from the camera image, which contains the environmental lighting conditions. This sphere map will be used to apply an appropriate lighting model to rendered virtual objects. Thus, the additional virtual objects are incorporated into the resulting image in a very seamless fashion leading to a more realistic experience of mixed reality applications.

How it works

It provides a new level of realistic augmented reality rendering with the following steps: it pinpoints the center and radius of the material sphere source relative to the augmented reality marker. Then it assigns the camera image of the sphere to the source texturing of the target object(s) and performs spherical environment reflection mapping to the shading of the target object(s).

What you get

The implementation includes either an Xflow node as JavaScript library or a cross platform Unity script/package.

Delivery model

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