Reality Mixer - Augmented Audio

Reality Mixer - Augmented Audio

Add seamless spatial audio to your augmented experiences.


ETH Zurich and Disney

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  • Prof. Kenny Mitchell
  • The Walt Disney Company
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What it does

This aurally oriented enabler of the Reality Mixer group measure sensor location properties and adapt the virtual sound sources to the audio environment. The Augmented Audio enabler makes use of the POI interface enabler to provide correctly located spatial sounds. Thus, the addition of audio incorporated into the physical environment in a very seamless fashion leads to a more realistic sound experience for mixed reality applications.

How it works

The Augmented Audio enabler performs a bearing computation making use of the POI interface enabler sourced positional data, which provide the location of audio asset sources as well as the location of the device. These relative locations, combined with a compass sensor are used to calculate the directionality and distance of the given audio source to the user. Thus, providing a correct binaural spatial audio service, with virtual sounds realistically placed.

What you get

The implementation includes a Unity3D mobile script package.

Delivery model

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