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What it does

The POIProxy SE is a service to retrieve Points of Interest from almost any public remote service that exposes geolocated data through a REST API or static files.Some examples of the kind of services that POIProxy can interact with: Open data portals (static files, OData APIs, REST APIs...), social networks (Flickr, Panoramio, Instagram, 500px, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare...), event services (LastFM, Nvivo, SongKick, Meetup, Eventbrite, ... ), and other services, including real time services (Wikilocation, Geonames, OpenWeatherMap, CityBikes, ...)

How it works

POIProxy SE is a Java server application that can be configured via JSON files to define the request and response APIs of different POI providers. It provides a single API to make requests to the POI providers adapting the response to GeoJSON format.

What you get

The POIProxy SE can be easily built using Maven and deployed on a Java application server. POIProxy demo apps are multi-platform HTML5 and Javascript responsive webapps. They don't make use of any specific native API so they can be built as Cordova apps and deployed on any app marketplace

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