Open City Database

Open City Database

Quick and easy deployable cities data related service with r/w access to user generated content, POIs, social interactions (e.g. likes, check-ins)


Fraunhofer FOKUS

Contact person(s)

  • Martin Lasak
  • Fraunhofer-Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS
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What it does

The Open City Database (OCDB) SE is an open source database management system for any smart city related data (e.g. points of interest, open city data and related media from various sources). Besides its database functionality the OCDB provides a comprehensive API to create, modify and request data sets for their integration with smart city guide apps or any other application or service that may take advantage of open city data.

How it works

The OCDB is designed to build the backend basis for cross platform apps (e.g. mobile web apps) that make use of open tourist and open city data. Applications can access the OCDB data using the REST endpoint. The data format used by OCDB and exposed through the API is JSON. Even user-generated content (UGC) through bespoke apps as well as further open data (e.g. DBpedia) can be managed by the OCDB.

What you get

The Open City Database SE offers a RESTful JSON API to expose its data to services and applications.

Delivery model

  • Source

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