Highscore database server.


ETH Zurich

Contact person(s)

  • Marcel Lancelle
  • Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
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What it does

The Leaderboard SE provides for the storage of high scores and the retrieval of high scores as a sorted list. In addition, it can connect to the Social Network Enabler and automatically post a message when a player breaks the high score.

How it works

The Leaderboard is a Java based web service wit a database for storing high scores and retrieving a sorted list of high scores. It provides a REST interface. The requests directly access the database. The Leaderboard is based on open source software solutions. Be aware that in this version, there is no authentication or check to prevent manipulation when used on a public server.

What you get

The Leaderboard runs on a server and is written in Java. It uses a mySQL database and has a JSON interface.

Delivery model

  • Source

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