Geospatial - POI Interface

Geospatial - POI Interface

Access to the POI Data provider API for Unity


ETH Zurich

Contact person(s)

For technical information:

  • Mattia Ryffel
  • The Walt Disney Company (Switzerland) GmbHG, Disney Research Zurich
  • Send mail

For licensing information:

What it does

The POI Interface SE implements an interface to the POI Data Provider GE or POI Storage SE APIs for Unity3d. It provides access to all the POI Data Provider GE methods and wraps the POI data structures into C# objects.

How it works

This SE implements a set of REST API calls to connect with the POI Data Provider GE or POI Storage SE. It allows to create, retrieve, update and delete PoI information with an intuitive Object Oriented approach.

What you get

The implementation includes a cross platform Unity script/package but can run also in a standalone solution. The provided docker images will install the required POI Data Provider GE

Delivery model

  • Source

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