Fusion Engine

Fusion Engine

Merge OSM, DBPedia and Open Data into single POIs


UPVLC and Prodevelop

Contact person(s)

For technical information:

  • Juan Lucas Domínguez
  • Prodevelop S.L.
  • Send mail
  • Benjamin Molina
  • Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
  • Send mail
  • Alberto Romeu
  • Prodevelop S.L.
  • aromeu@prodevelop.es

For licensing information:

What it does

The Fusion Engine (FE) merges Points of Interest (POIs) from various data sources. The main objective is to build Open City Databases (OCDs) with different POIs obtained from different data sources (OSM, DBPedia, etc.). Duplicate POIs will be removed. Categories of POIs can be set up in order to merge and retrieve only specific POIs. The FE Specific Enabler is implemented as a backend service - interaction is with administrator only, rather than with users.

How it works

The Fusion Service is an offline (backend) process that takes an XML file as input and populates a geospatial database with POIs. The input XML declares the merge rules that are to be applied for a specific OCD. The database used is POSTGIS, thus it allows subsequent geospatial searches. After merging, a user can make geospatial queries in order to retrieve POIs. There is a FrontEnd (Tomcat) Service that allows the administrator to interactively create OCDs, and also provides an inquiry service. It is able to provide CitySDK and FIWARE POI interfaces.

What you get

The implementation of the FE service is build as a Java Ant project using Eclipse. The build.xml file is able to compile and generate releases both for the Fusion Service and the FrontEnd service. The Fusion Service is released as a JAR file whereas the FrontEnd Service is released as a WAR file

Delivery model

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