Context Aware Recommendation

Context Aware Recommendation

Introduce activity and context awareness into your POI recommendation.



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  • Milenko Tosic
  • La Citadelle Inzenjering
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What it does

This Specific Enabler consists of two server modules - an Activity and Context Recognition server module, which uses gathered contextual and sensory data for classification of user activity and context, and a Recommendation Matrix Preparation server module. Additionally, we provide a demo Android application for collection of contextual/sensory data and presentation of POI recommendation results.

How it works

The SE provides contextual data analysis and activity recognition, recommendation matrix adaptation and REST APIs for interconnection with contextual data sources, POI repositories/providers and mobile applications. Contextual data on which the activity/context recognition relies includes geolocation, data from built-in sensors and WiFi network SSIDs. Recognized end-user activity is used to provide activity/context aware POI recommendation.

What you get

The mobile application module is implemented within a Cordova framework. Activity and Context Recognition and Recommendation Matrix preparation modules use Python Django framework.

Delivery model

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