Asset Storage

Asset Storage

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  • Stefan Lemme
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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What it does

The Asset Storage SE is a system for storage and conversion of polygonal 3D models. It offers a REST interface to add and retrieve models, where HTTP content negotiation is used to determine the input and output format(s). Its current primary use is to import 3D models into its own storage format, and export them to something usable on the web (i.e. compatible with the 3D-UI-XML3D GE).

How it works

The Upload and Export steps of the Asset Storage SE are handled by a Java Enterprise web application. The web application communicates (via JMS/STOMP) with an import worker application, written in C++. Upon receipt of a message, the import worker downloads the uploaded asset from the temporary storage, unpacks it locally (maybe does some preprocessing), converts it to its internal format, and uploads it to storage. The import part lives separated from the web application since many (especially proprietary) 3D data formats have SDKs or libraries available with a C/C++ interface.

What you get

The implementation includes the server part as Java Enterprise web application as well as an import worker application that converts 3D models of different formats into the internal data format.

Delivery model

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