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Instant deployment of custom applications.



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What it does

This service enables the deployment of a complete application ecosystem on-the-fly: custom mobile apps with content (app name, icons, data), custom web-apps and backends. For example: the editor of a city guide application can now develop a web-app, backend and mobile apps and then simply apply this template to other cities. Using this SE, deploying a new city is a matter of minutes: provide new data, images and text, and the Generator takes care of the rest, deploying your web-app instances, creating your datasets and readying your new mobile apps for deployment.

How it works

The AppGenerator works with templates. After reading the Knowledge Base, developers will be able to easily transform any mobile or web-app into an AppGenerator template. Non-developers can also connect to the test portal and create a custom sample mobile app in only a few clicks.

What you get

DesignMyApp Makes sense: - If you need to quickly deploy powerful application ecosystems (mobile applications, backend infrastructures…) around a custom use. - If you want to create new services focused on completely custom apps, or apps subject to changes (marketing tool, proofs of concepts).

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