3D-Map Tiles

3D-Map Tiles

3D maps ready for your 3D web application.



Contact person(s)

  • Stefan Lemme
  • German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
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What it does

The 3D-Map Tiles SE supplies OSM-style map tiles - however, these tiles are a 3D representation of the physical geometry of locations in contrast to the image tiles of Open Street Map. The 3D-Map Tiles SE also supports various backend data providers and offers various kinds of tiles, such as projected OSM-tiles and laser-scanned elevation data with textures. The 3D-Map Tiles SE incorporates the GIS-DP GE from FIWARE.

How it works

The 3D-Map Tiles SE queries one of its backends for the requested map tile, retrieves and processes the data from the query result, and finally delivers the map tile as an XML3D resource to the client application. The resulting XML3D resource can optionally be cached.

What you get

The implementation includes a PHP-based web-service easily deployed on an Apache webserver.

Delivery model

  • Source

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